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UoL Talent Internship Funding 

Please complete the form below and the team will be happy to discuss your business needs. 

We are gathering this information to enable us to look at the best options for your business. Filling out this form doesn't commit you to, or guarantee you to, internship funding. Please note: Candidates are only eligible for 1 funded role per programme per year. Potential candidates must be checked with the team before a position if offered. 

These details will go to the Employer Engagement Team within Careers & Employability and we will get back to you within 3 working days.

For further details, please refer to our Privacy Notice here- 

7.7. Which UoL staff member are you liaising with? Required
8.8. How long do you need an intern for? (You can click more than one option) Required
9.9. Do you have a strong preference about who you employ? Required
10.10. Do you need someone part-time or full time?  Required
12.12. Do you have a job description or advert for the internship? (If you would like support with advert writing, please check out our recruitment toolkit available here)
13.13. When do you need someone to start?  Required
14.14. Will they be working on site or remotely? Required
15.15. Where are you located? Required
16.16. Do you classify as an SME? (SME's are defined as a business employing under 250 people and with an annual turnover of less than £50M.) Required
17.17. Do you classify as any of the following sectors? - Fishery and aquaculture sectors supported by EFF - Primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products supported by EAFRD - Coal, steel and shipbuilding sectors - The synthetic fibres sector - Generalised (school age) education - Banking and insurance companies - Retail businesses Required
18.18. Do you have a budget to pay your intern? (before answering this please check out our T&Cs for our funding models to work out which option is best for your needs) Required
19.19. Have you employed an intern before?  Required