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If you would like to download the tool, for either ABC or ARC, please fill in the information below.

 ABC - Activity Blended Curriculum

Focusses on mapping out the learning journey of your course, focussing on how the students are intending to learn. This tool can help you map out your learning objectives, activities and assessments and can be used to look at the students journey. More information can be found here: Link | ABC | Digital Education Support Site

ARC - Assessments Related to Careers

ARC focusses on building good assessment practices and looks to support transferable employability skills throughout your curriculum. This can be used in partnership with ABC to ensure strong course design and the students learning journey map out to your assessment (formative and summative) outputs. More information can be found here: Link | ARC | Digital Education Support Site

Please be aware that the tools are available under a creative commons non-commericial atrribution 4.0 international licence

 Creative Commons Licence
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 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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